Research on how audio is consumed

Spotify and Group M have published details on how streaming media is consumed and what listeners expect from it.

Called ‘The Streaming State Of Mind’ the report confirms that listening to streaming audio is, like radio, an individual activity. There is a one to one relationship between the consumer and the provider and you are literally inside the listeners head.

People who take the free subscription option for services like Spotify have relatively little resistance to hearing commercials. They have taken the option to hear them rather than pay for an ‘ad free’ service.

There’s an interesting thought on tailoring scripts and sound design to how and where they are being listened to. Listening on headphones while in the gym, or in the car or on speakers at home are ‘very different tasks and require different types of messaging’, i.e. different creative.

There is no suggestion that you can do this just yet – but if we can directly target (eg) drivers on the school run e could this could be really exciting.